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Why Become a Recovery Agent?

Maybe it is the financial freedom, or providing valuable services. Here at we know why you want to get involved in this highly lucrative & dynamic industry, including:

•Set your own schedule & Enjoy financial freedom
•Take advantage of the current financial crisis
•A good Recovery Agent / Repo-Man can expect to make $70,000 to $250,000 a year or more
•You do not need a College degree or years of experience, you simply need the motivation to change your financial situation
•In today’s economy, unfortunately many buyers have fallen behind on their payments and due to this repossessions have increased over 40% in 2008, with Florida being a major contributor
•The demand outweighs the current supply, meaning an in-demand professional
•Work for Banks, Car Dealerships and other companies
•Repossession has been around for many years in both good and bad economies, and is a secure service industry that is an integral part of our system

How long is the test & how much time do I have to study?

The Recovery Agent test is designed to be taken within 90 minutes, and will timeout after 90 minutes. You may finish the test before the 90 minutes is up, and we grade your test based on a score out of 100 questions, with 75% needed to pass. Once you sign up we set you up to take the Course & Test within 8 business hours, and you will have 14 days to study the course & take the test.

The State of Florida requires a 40 Hour Recovery Course to be taken, which will identify and set you apart as a professional in the Recovery Agent Field.